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| MAKE ME CHOOSE | → anon → John Diggle OR Rory Williams

It’s only natural that you don’t understand. Yes… No one in the world could possibly understand. This emotion is mine alone. It is for Madoka alone.


questions of sex and gender explored on tumblr dot com

hope’s character arc begins with a woman he loves letting go of someone’s hand and falling into darkness and disappearing forever

and hope’s character arc ends with a woman he loves falling into darkness, disappearing forever — and then he reaches out and grasps her hand and stops her fall and pulls her back [x]

Finally someone gets my joke!

How do you get kicked out of a bakery?

what color will morning come in?

"Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is an illusion."

K A R N E V A L  F i n a l  E p i s o d e 


There’s a cute guy on the subway right now with a cat stuffed inside his jacket.

Dead. I am dead.


this panel is the cutest because there’s suppose to be one person sitting at the end of each table and you see how Genos chair is squeezed in the corner simply because he wanted to sit closer to Saitama he even skipped the seat next to him oh my god such a cutie